A Magical Adsense Targeting Code – Section Targeting

Did you know that there is a magic code that can benefit you and make your online advertising effective? Guess what? It is an Adsense Targeting code! Of course, this is a special feature that according to Google Adsense is known as “section targeting”. All you have to do is pick any section from your blog, which you believe has the maximum amount of keywords related to the specific type of Google Adsense that you want to display on your blog. Once you have done that, Google Adsense spiders within a short period of time will register this information, which has to be mentioned in-between a start code as well as an end code. As a result, blocks of profitable Google Adsense will get inserted and this will maximize your overall earnings. Although, these may come across as four simple lines but the important thing to remember is that they are extremely crucial for your Google Adsense success.

The first code that you need to insert before the section is:


Then you will need to type any and all your relevant information pertaining to Google Adsense ads. Once you have completed that, you will need to insert the following code:


That’s it! That’s all that you have to do.

There is another essential code, which you can consider as it has the ability to instruct the Google Adsense spider to ignore specific portions or passages from the text or content. For example: You have a website that promotes different benefits of iPhones. Now in your blog, you can put comparative information that will highlight the various aspects of iPhones as compared to Samsung phones. Since you are discussing two different brands, there is a high risk of the Google Adsense spider putting up advertisements for only Samsung. But since the primary purpose of your blog is to convince all your visitors that iPhones are better than Samsung, you wouldn’t want any advertisements related to Samsung published on your blog or website. What you can actually do is insert the following code so that it will ensure that the Google Adsense spider is able to mute any information that lies in between the following lines of the code:

This is the code that you need to insert before the section that you want to mute:


This is the code that you need to insert after the section that you want to mute:


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