How Important is A Landing Page?

The most important page of any website is the landing page because that’s the first page that a visitor will see.

What is a Landing Page & What Do They Include?

The landing page will tell the visitor what the website is all about, what your company is all about, and what you are offering the visitor. The landing page will initiate a response from the visitor, which could be any of the actions mentioned below:

1.    Get the visitor to click to move to another page in your website like services, portfolio, etc.
2.    Get the visitor to subscribe to your services or buy products
3.    Get the visitor to provide you with the permission to send them newsletters or e-mailers
4.    Get the visitor to promote your website on their social media, blogs or tell-a-friend
5.    Get the visitor to provide feedback

All of the above actions are positive but there is also the probability that a visitor might not visit any other page on your website and choose to move away from your website. Hence from an SEO point of view, a landing page needs to be optimized and from the business point of view, it needs to have the necessary information to attract the visitor’s attention.

Strategy for Your Landing Page

Most internet marketing strategies include a strategy for the landing page. Apart from search engine optimization, landing pages can be used for tracking or analyzing various types of visitor actions and you can even modify the page depending on the analysis. In a nutshell, the landing page is like the door to your business, which a visitor has to open to get to know more about your business. So how can landing pages enhance the optimization of your website?

A landing page will take care of the following:

•    It can increase the overall efficiency so that you will be able to target primary keywords
•    It will increase your ability to capture “Longtail Keywords” related to your business
•    It will be able to increase the ability of your website to convert visitors to prospective clients
•    It will also be able to track ROI in an SEO campaign

Most Important Aspects of the Landing Page

The two most important aspects of landing page SEO is content and linking. Content if well optimized will enhance page ranking and also provide the visitor with relevant information about your business. Good linking will take a visitor from the landing page to any other page on the website without creating confusion. So if you are thinking of getting a website then you need to start from the landing page!

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