How To Choose an SEO Company For Your Small Business

Let’s face it… choosing an SEO company is NOT easy! There are literally thousands of different companies out there that would love to dive into your website and do their magic, but you need to keep in mind several different factors. Many SEO agencies are not fully qualified and knowledgeable to help you. Being able to discern what companies will help your business and which ones will burn your site will be extremely valuable as only more and more SEO companies compete for your business. Follow these steps for how to choose an SEO company that works for you!

1. Shop Around

There are tons of ways to find a reputable SEO company. Knowing where to look is the first place to start when choosing an SEO company. Thankfully, the resources are abundant and it isn’t hard to find the company that is just right. A great place to look for some company suggestions are from other businesses in the area. If the company is any good, they will be sure to tell you. They can also let you know of the rest of the experiences they had with a certain company. The web also houses all kinds of different sites that have a good SEO company list. Usually, they do a good job at reviewing them and provide you with ways to contact them. Give it a search and see what you can find!

If you happen to stumble upon an SEO company’s website, check for some real testimonials that might be published on their site. Most likely, you will be able to find those other business owners and ask them about their experiences. Real proof goes a long way especially in such a competitive industry.

2. Learning a Little Can Help A Lot

Many times, it takes someone a little bit of time to dabble in something before they find out how much help they really need. Do some searching online to determine what kinds of SEO and internet marketing help you actually want for your business. This can also assist you in learning SEO jargon. We tend to have our own language that can often overwhelm the average business owner if they’ve never heard it before! There are tons of free online resources that can help point you in the right direction. Here’s just a few of them:

3. Watch Out

Unfortunately, the SEO industry is full of scammers and just plain poor skill sets. Be on the lookout for individuals and companies who can’t answer your questions. Chances are they either are a scammer or they just flat out don’t know how to do things. SEO is changing every single day requiring SEO analysts to really be up to date and know their stuff.

Some SEO companies use poor practices called “black hat seo” which is not meant for the long run. This includes shady practices that are “guaranteed” to get your website to the very top of Google right away. The fact is, the methods they use to accomplish this is looked down upon in the entire industry. In addition to that, Google is constantly looking for these practices and trying to suppress them in each algorithm update. If your website SEO is built upon black hat techniques, your rankings could literally disappear overnight with a new Google update.

Find the Best SEO Company for Your Small Business

Overall, the best way to find a reputable SEO company is to just ask around and searching on the internet. The best SEO company for your small business will have real testimonials and backing. The good ones will stand out among the rest and can prove it while the others beg for your business. Take some time to learn the ropes and watch out for the bad ones as they can really burn you in the end.

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