Internet Marketing – How to Build a Site

You have finally made the decision to try Internet Marketing for profit.  You have either recently retired, have become disabled, or you would like to make a bit of income to supplement the income of your household.

There are a few decisions that need to be made in order to create a site that could actually become very profitable to you over time:

1.    You must decide what Niche, or subject, your site will be built upon.
2.    You must create an image to put into the header.  You can use numerous image-editing tools.  If you create your header in relation to your niche, then you will be ahead of the game.  If you cannot come up with an image, you can always put a generic image on your header.
3.    You must decide on the template you wish to build the site.

The best place to put your AdSense ad in the exact place in each template you decide.  You could also use a position that will give you the highest CTR, or click-through-rate.
There are a few formats for ads.  The best thing to do is to experiment with the below formats and see what format works for you.  Below is a list of ad formats:

–    Medium rectangle – with sizes of 300×250
–    Large rectangle – with sizes of 336×280
–    Wide skyscraper – with sizes of 160×600
–    Banner – with sizes of 468×60
–    Leader board – with sizes of 728×90

How to Generate the Webpages

First, choose the folder where you want your web pages to be saved.  You save it and then you generate the webpages.  Once you have created your site, your image files need to meet the path of the website.  You could use a text replacement tool like Dreamweaver or TextPad.

Content of Webpages

You need to define the content you wish to have on your site.  The easiest thing for keywords is placing it at a default setting.  Make your site visitor and traffic friendly.  Once you accomplish this, use rss feeds, random descriptions, as well as rotating definitions.  Your site will always be new and fresh for visitors.

You should really try to write your own content for your site.  You know what you want; however, it is not always possible to write your own.  If you cannot write your own, they you will want to hire someone to write quality content for you.  You should really know the niche that you are building the site around.  It is difficult if you create a webpage and not know much about topic.

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