Search engine optimization is a tricky process

Search engine optimization is something that has helped people to market their products in a great way. The concept of search engine optimization gained a real hype in last few years. When you talk about search engine optimization, it means that you are talking about all those tactics that can help you to achieve a better position in search engine results pages.

It has shown in many researches that people like to search for a particular product by making use of a search engine. It has been told that more than 81% of total searchers go for a search engine to find a specific product. They always go with a particular keyword to acquire related results. In fact, it has been mentioned in many researches that more than 42% of people go for top ranking link. Click-through rate is quite important in search engine optimization which actually describes the popularity of your site. This click-through rate keeps on decreasing for sites which may be ranked lower in search engine results page.

Here, it is also pertinent to mention that people spend about 27 minutes on search engines on monthly basis. Along with this, it is also quite interesting to mention know that more than 60% of users go for more than one search engine to perform similar searches. That’s exactly the point where search engine optimization techniques come into the picture to help people placing their sites on top. However, the whole thing looks simple, but, it surely isn’t as simple as it looks to be. But, one thing is for sure that search engine optimization is helping advertisers to achieve better traffic. It is because of this reason that more than 50% of advertisers have mentioned that they will be increasing their investment on search engine optimization in coming years.

All this is to imply that search engine optimization is the need of the hour. But, you will have to consider all those things which can create an impact on search engine ranking algorithm. In this regard, you mustn’t forget to consider Google ranking factors. There are some On-Page SEO factors and there are some Off-Page Seo factors that are to be handled with care. Here, you must keep in mind that there are certain factors that can actually work against you. For instance, if you will go with a wrong keyword density, then you may have to pay penalty as it can be taken as spam. So, be careful as you never know if you are using SEO to get benefited or to suffer loss.

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