SEM Tips

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the one of the best internet marketing strategies that can actually help you or your business in creating high online visibility. Here are some basic tips that will help you:

Title tag: The title tag is extremely important. The title tag is considered to be the single most critical component of content for online visitors or people who are searching the internet using keywords. Here are two things about title tags that you need to work on:

  1. Keep them short: Keep the title tag short. Ideally, it should be around 60 characters with spaces, which accounts for approximately 8-10 words.
  2. Keyword: It is important that the title tag starts with a keyword related to that particular page. You will come across several websites where the title tag starts with the company brand, name of the business, or even the organization name and then it is followed up with the unique words related to that page. This is a mistake you need to avoid!

Description tag: Some SEO experts will go with the description tag others might not but it is highly recommended that you go with the tag. Although it is not as important as the title tag, it has a certain amount of value. While writing the description tag, ensure that it is not more than 25-30 words and should be compelling.

Quality HTML: HTML is probably one of the simplest codes for website design but how you use it can make a lot of difference. The cleaner your HTML code is; the easier and faster a search engine will be able to index your website or page. The ideal weight of your webpage should not be more than 50 KB including graphics. If your webpage is over 100 KB then not only will it become slow but search engines might not index them properly or at all.

Sitemap: Sitemap has become an important aspect of search engine marketing and optimization. Both visitors and search engines like sitemaps but make sure that your sitemap is in a text-based format and you need to update it regularly.

Flash/Animation: Flash designs might look attractive but unfortunately search engine spiders are still unable to index them. So what is the point of creating SEO content if the search engines can’t index the pages? You can use flash for graphics but avoid using it to design your website.

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