SEO and PPC Pitfalls To Avoid

Search engine optimization is probably one of the widely used tools for online advertising and marketing. We have seen in the past that the search marketing efforts of several companies in spite of their high spending on their online advertising missed almost 80% of their target audience. As of today, most search marketers will to the fact that around 70%-80% of all the clicks have come from organic/natural search results and only 20%-30% have actually come from PPC (Pay Per Click) or the sponsored listings.  Yet in spite of these facts staring at our face, the only thing that most B2B marketers like to talk about is PPC campaigns.

However, you can even try and leverage both PPC as well as SEO to create maximum online visibility and to get you targeted traffic. Before you can start work on leveraging these two powerful internet marketing tools, you need to think and strategize how you can actually improve the overall performance. One of the sure shot ways of doing that is through integration. Bringing together PPC and SEO might sounds quite easy but successful integration is not as easy as it seems and can be quite a daunting task because there are pitfalls. So here are some of the things that you need to avoid:

Cross communication: This is an integral part of any online advertising or marketing strategy. Communication is a critical driving factor but cross-communication is not. In fact, cross-communication can cause your internet marketing strategy to fall apart. Cross-communication has been on the top of the list of SEO and PPC pitfalls and can be identified only during the integration process. The fact is that lack of communication has actually caused several organizations, companies and businesses to fall apart and hit rock bottom in the last couple of years. This happens because there are several companies who adopt a modus operandi on the lines of divide-and-conquer instead of leverage both SEO and PPC.

Play to the strength: This is very important and is considered as one of the top mistakes made most often by internet marketers. There are several companies who have failed to leverage the actual strengths of PPC and SEO. The truth is that both PPC and SEO have their advantage and disadvantages. But the key lies in using the advantages and strengths of both to your benefit and not falling for the weaknesses.

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