Steps can be taken for better conversion

Right after starting a website, you will have to take many marketing strategies into consideration. Surviving in the online world of business is not possible without informing people about your presence. You will have to do it with a bang. Attract as many people as possible as this will increase the chances of getting prospective buyers. But, it is important to go for a targeted audience as it will have a direct impact on your business. However, if you are conducting several marketing campaigns like email marketing, copywriting and seo marketing and still not getting the right results, then you must be having some problems with your website design.

How to Increase Lead Conversion Rate with Website Design

Website design is something that can have a direct impact on your conversion rate. First of all, if you don’t have an attractive landing page with search function, contact information and above all, a strong marketing message, then it is better to re-design your site. These are the things which will make your visitor feel that you are in a position to help him. Apart from these basic features, you will have to consider a few other things to find out how to have better conversions.

Better Conversion Strategies

•    It is good to provide information on your landing page, but, don’t go overboard with the idea of informing your visitors about all the services that you are having. They are here because they followed the link for a specific keyword, so, it is enough to give them information about that specific keyword.
•    Product details are important for greater conversion. In fact, it is essential to place an image of your product that may highlight all the aspects. This will surely stimulate the interest of your visitors and they will endeavor to search more.
•    Speaking of marketing message, keep it small and effective. Avoid making your visitor scroll down the whole site, as most of them will never do so. Put your marketing message higher up on the page. 
•    Finally, it is a good idea to have a contact form, but, keep it simple and don’t ask for too much personal information. Along with presenting a contact form, make your visitors enjoy the facility of newsletters just by entering their emails. This will help you to get them back on your site in future.

So, if you have an uncluttered design with all the basic features, you will be enjoying a better conversion rate. So, what are you waiting for, its time to re-design your website, isn’t it?

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