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PPC Services in Central Pennsylvania

Pay per click advertising is an effective marketing tool to get your Web site noticed and start producing real results including increased visitors, better leads, and higher sales.

The Internet has changed the way companies, products, and services are marketed. Unlike traditional forms of advertising such as television and direct mail, the Web makes it easy to target niche markets, specific people, and defined locations. While older forms of media like newspapers have declined in readership, the Internet has grown. In fact, advertisers are spending over $10 billion a year to reach the Internet’s global audience, making online advertising a tried and true marketing investment. Whether you are a small business in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania or a multinational corporation, Internet advertising can work for you.

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Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest growing, most cost-effective ways to target consumers online. Before PPC advertising, campaigns were expensive and ad performance was difficult to track, leaving may people wondering if their marketing dollars were well spent. Pay per click advertising has changed that. Using a pay per click program, you will only pay when a targeted customer clicks on your ad and visits your Web site. Because you can just buy the ads that perform best for you, your marketing budget can be as little or as large as you wish.

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Based in Harrisburg, PA, Keystroke Marketing offers pay per click management services to regional clients in York and Lancaster PA, as well as a growing list of large, national companies. We have a proven track record of launching successful PPC programs for all types of businesses and corporations.

With Keystroke’s PPC management service, we can promote your Web site using Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads). These pay per click programs enable you to place keyword targeted advertisements alongside the search results of potential customers, driving more visitors to your site and increasing your sales. What’s more, Keystroke’s PPC management service can track and analyze your campaign’s performance, demonstrating real returns on your investment.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services Include:

  • Target market and competitor research
  • Keyword and phrase analysis
  • Pay per click program setup on Google and Bing
  • Advertisement and landing page copywriting
  • Long-term PPC management
  • PPC program tracking, analytics, and reporting to demonstrate ROI

How Does Our Pay Per Click Management Service Work?

Keystroke Marketing’s PPC management program begins by examining the target market and competitors of your company, product, or service. From this information, a group of keywords and phrases are developed in order to best reach your target audience. This way your PPC ads will only be displayed to the most qualified Internet users. For example, if your company provides pay per click management to cities in Central Pennsylvania, your keywords might target the phrases PPC management, Harrisburg PA, York PA, and Lancaster PA.

After selecting the strongest keywords, Keystroke’s pay per click experts design effective advertisements for popular search marketing programs and launch your PPC campaign. With everything in place, your Web site will begin to see immediate results including increased traffic and more conversions. Best of all, Keystroke offers long-term pay per click management, analysis, and reporting for new and existing campaigns. This highly effective service makes PPC advertising worry-free and can show real performances gains, making pay per click advertising the perfect solution for dependable Internet marketing.

Keystroke Marketing PPC Management Solutions

Our PPC specialists have over ten years of experience driving qualified traffic to hundreds of businesses just like yours. For more information on our PPC services or to receive a free quote, fill out our contact form today!

Pay Per Click FAQs

How Does PPC Work?

On a fundamental level, PPC, which stands for “pay-per-click,” is a form of online advertising that allows companies to display their ads on the Internet for free, only charging them for clicks they receive. For example, if your ad gets seen by 500 people, but none of those people click on your ad, you pay nothing. On the other hand, if 25 people see your ad and 5 click on it, you will get charged for those 5 clicks.

What Is Ad Rank?

Like SEO, your ad will earn a position in the SERPs based on its ranking, called Ad Rank. Ad Rank is a combination of your cost-per-click bid and your Quality Score. The advertiser with the highest Ad Rank will win the top spot on Google. For a more detailed explanation (with visuals) of how Ad Rank works, check out this awesome article by Search Engine Land.

What Is Quality Score?

As the name implies, Quality Score is an estimated measurement of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages combined. The score is on a scale of 1-10 and considers your ad’s expected click-through rate, your ad’s relevance and the landing page experience. By improving these metrics, you can improve your Quality Score. A higher score can lead to a better position in the SERPs and a lower cost.

How Do I Budget For PPC?

First, determine your total Google Ads budget. When coming up with this amount, keep in mind the following:
  • How this marketing platform will fit into your marketing strategy as a whole?
  • How much your competitors are spending?
  • How much the cost-per-clicks are for the keywords you want to target?
After you have a final budget in mind, you need to figure out how you want to spend your budget across your campaigns. The specific keywords you plan to bid on should be kept in mind. While you can manually control how much you want to spend on each keyword, you can also utilize one of Google’s automated bidding strategies. To learn more about Google’s automated bidding, click here. Once you have your budgets set, be sure to monitor your campaigns regularly and adjust your budget accordingly!

What Is The Difference Between Search Network And Display Network?

Ads within Google’s Search Network are text ads that only show within the SERPs. In contrast, ads within Google’s Display Network are visual ads that show across different websites across the Internet that users are browsing. Search ads tend to work better to get users to convert and display ads for brand awareness.

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We have worked with Keystroke Marketing now for two of our websites. Each time they provided superior knowledge and service. They are very easy to work with and really take the time to listen to what you are looking to get out of your website. We will definitely be using them again for any future sites we need to design.

- Shannon Soleau, The Gladstone Companies

I have to admit, it takes a lot to impress me; and you people have done just that. Every time I take a look at the new website, I'm just amazed at how well it's put together. It no longer looks like it was put together by a high school kid. Finally we have a professional looking website. Thank you.

Bob Wilson, York Wire

Keystroke Marketing has done a great job for us. They were able to create exactly what we wanted and were willing to think outside the box. Everyone else wanted to give us cookie cutter items. We wanted something different and they produced it!

Ann Stack , Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

Our experience with Keystroke Marketing has exceeded our expectations in every way. Their designs are top notch, their people are talented and enjoyable to work with, and they use cutting-edge technology to organize the design process. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for excellent web design at a reasonable price.

Nicole E. Clark, Custer Home

I would highly recommend Keystroke Marketing for website design services. My experience with them leaves me feeling very lucky that I choose them. I could have gone to thousands of different firms and I feel convinced that I would not have gotten a better design nor gotten such a great service.

Tom Krueger, National Fulfillment Services

Keystroke Marketing continues to provide innovative solutions that consistently add value to my company and my clients. Keystroke is worth the investment truly beating out the competition!

Julie Cropp, Jai Marquee

The web design, usability, and technical expertise of Keystroke Marketing allowed us to achieve our design goals of elegance and ease of use. We would gladly recommend them to others. (Well, maybe not to our competitors.)

Jason Roth, Springer Publishing

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